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1. How long will delivery take?
You should receive your book within 1 to 2 business days after placing your order. Regional and remote areas - 3 to 5 business days.
2. How much does delivery cost?
Delivery is $5 per book anywhere in Australia.
3. Where can I purchase this book in person?
All good bookstores.  Contact the distributor Dennis Jones & Associates.
4. How do I buy the eBook?
Via the e-Book page on the website.
5. What payment methods do you accept?
Credit card is the primary payment method. All payments are processed through PayPal. PayPal also has the option to do a direct deposit from your bank account.
6. Is it safe to be buying online?
Yes. All payments are made through PayPal.
No credit card or banking information is collected by this website.
When you enter your payment details, it is through a secure connection that is encrypted through PayPal.
7. Is PayPal safe?
Yes. All your information is encrypted.
The personal and financial information stored in your PayPal account is encrypted and protected to ensure protection.
PayPal is one of the few financial institutions that has anti-fraud specialists on staff who work behind the scenes 24/7 to help keep your transactions safer and financial information private.
8. Can I pay by cheque?
Yes. To order by cheque or money order:
Payable to -
Noel McGrath
PO BOX 881
Glen Waverley
VIC 3150

** Please ensure to add $5 Postage & Handling to the purchase price of the book.
** Please include all delivery details for the book to be dispatched to.
** If you are wanting the book to be autographed by the author, please include a brief cover letter explaining who you would like the book to be made out to.
9. Can I place an order over the phone?
No orders can be placed over the telephone. All orders must go through the website, or you can send a cheque or money order as listed above.
10. Do you deliver outside of Australia?
$10 per book to New Zealand.
$20 per book for all other countries.
11. What other titles do you currently have available?
Other titles are available in very limited quantities. Email details through regarding your requirements using the form on the contact us page. There are other titles available on the “Other Titles” page.
12. How do I get the copy that I have purchased online personally autographed by the author?
After submitting your order use the "Contact Us" page to send us the details of how you would like the book to be autographed.
If instructions are not received the book will not be autographed.
13. Can I order a copy for someone else?
Yes. Forward payment (either online or by cheque) along with the name of the person you would like the book autographed to and their delivery details.
14. Who should I contact if I’m a bookshop, retail shop or reseller and wanting to stock “The Real Reason You’re Overweight”?
Dennis Jones & Associates Pty Ltd.
Phone: 61 3 9762 9100
Fax: 61 3 9762 9200
15. I’m interested in attending a Noel McGrath seminar or information session, how can I do this?
Send your details via the contact us page on the website, or mail your enquiry to PO Box 881, Glen Waverley, Vic 3150.
16. I am worried about submitting my personal information online, will it be kept safe or will it be shared or sold to other companies?
Your information will be retained by Byron Books only.
It will not be shared for any purpose whatsoever.
This website doesn’t store any credit card or financial information. All payments are processed through PayPal’s merchant facility.
17. I ordered my book and it hasn’t arrived yet, should I be worried?
No. Please send us an email, and we’ll get back to you promptly.
18. I am involved with the media, and wanting to interview the author, how do you go about this?
Contact Noel McGrath via email. Use the form on the Contact Us Page.
Frequently Asked Questions
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